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About us

Who is behind PortobelloStreet.es?

A team of eight people leaded by Alberto Torres and David Gonzalez, entrepreneurs, partners, and, despite everything, great friends. They are responsible for this project has already turned fifteen. Both come from the audiovisual and her passion for interior design began photographing furniture catalogs. So it was inevitable fall in love with the decor, especially Alberto, who had lived since childhood watching his father, a carpenter, wood working shop in Ciudad Real.

In addition, back in 1995, David and Alberto discovered a gap in the market for antique replica, a type of furniture that Spain was still hard to find. And hence the name, it was no longer necessary to travel to London, they had a Spanish version of the well-known antique market at Portobello Road.

But the real revolution came with the creation of the website. Www.Portobellostreet.es born in 1998. David and Alberto bet on online sales in Spain when e-commerce was still unimproved land. And it worked. The page was a success from the very beginning and to this day has not stopped growing. Soon the site became the main gateway of the clients, and the pace of this demand Portobello decided to extend the range beyond the replicas, incorporating a wide range of colonial furniture, rustic, childish and design. More products, more visits and more notoriety to a page that has become the benchmark of the sector in Spain.

Portobellostreet.es is possibly the largest online store for furniture and decoration throughout Europe, with an offer of more than ten thousand items in all styles and for all budgets. Portobellostreet.es receives daily visits from over 6000 customers (January 2015)

Príncipe de Vergara 78, 28006, Madrid, Spain
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